Porter ordering platform for food halls

Porter for Venues

A Multi-vendor Ordering Platform Built for Venues

The Porter app featuring multiple locations from which to order.

Bring it All Together

From small stages to major league stadiums, combine your vendor menus for an integrated guest ordering experience.

  • Bring multiple vendors together in one digital menu
  • Create event-specific menus and QR codes
  • Completely FREE for vendors

Combine Vendor Menus

Allow guests to order from all the vendors at your venue in a single, unified experience.

Generate More Revenue with Porter

Enter your revenue and calculate the additional earnings Porter can generate


Porter Usage


Select the percentage of customers who will order with Porter instead of at the counter. We typically see 40% - 60% of patrons prefer to order with Porter.

Who will pay the convenience fee?



Increased Revenue


Increased Tips


Labor Hours Saved


How do we calculate these numbers?

How We Calculate These Numbers

Order Volume Increase

Porter is proven to increase the number of orders you receive, by 5% on average.


Increased Ticket Size

Orders placed through Porter average 25% more than walk up orders.


Average Tip Increase

Guests tip an average of 27% more when ordering with Porter.


Seconds Saved Per Order

Porter lets guests order from their phones, freeing up lots of time for vendor staff.

Porter Usage

Our stats show, on average, 50% of guests choose Porter to place their order.

Gross Monthly Revenue

We base our calculations off of your monthly revenue.

Order through Porter directly from your seat with an easy QR code.

Scan (or click) for a Demo!

Create Event-specific Links and QR codes

(for easy onsite and digital marketing)

Generate specific links and QR codes for each event held at your venue for easy distribution through social media and onsite.

Up and Running in Minutes

Built on Square

We integrate directly with Square. Use the software you already know.

Merge Menus

Bring all of your vendors into a single ordering interface.

Easy Install

Create an account, sync with Square, and start selling. Average set up time takes 15 minutes.

"Porter is a game changer!"

— 1 of 300,000+ Porter Patrons

Food truck fulfilling an order.

Quick and Easy

It's super fast to get up and running with Porter. There's no download, and vendors can use their existing product information automatically from Square.

  • No Download (for vendors or guests)
  • Use existing images and product descriptions
  • Built-in QR code and URL generator

Eliminate the Lines

Save Time. Generate More Revenue.

Spare your guests the long lines and let them get back to your festival, concert, or ball game.

Design and Innovation Awards

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Porter running at Public House Beer Hall

Built By Multi-Vendor Venue Operators

While launching 3 beer halls each with multiple food vendors over the course of 6 years, we developed a digital platform to create better guest experiences, better back of house management, and increased revenues. And now we want to share that with you.


Free for vendors and group admins

Customers pay a 2% convenience fee.

  • 1 minute setup
  • One menu, multiple vendors
  • Built-in QR code and URL generator
  • Table-specific QR codes
  • Guest check-out option
  • Create, join, & manage multiple groups
  • Full Square integration
  • Daily deposits
  • 24/7 email and chat support
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Looking for More?

We've got optional add-ons for additional Porter features.

Digital Display Menus

Display your menu on TVs or Projectors


per month

  • Customizable display menus
  • Create multiple custom display menus
  • Simple URL setup
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White Labeling

Make Porter your own


per month

  • Customize the experience with your brand colors
  • Personalized messaging to reflect your brand
  • Replace the Porter logo with your logo
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Admin Dashboard & Reports

Custom, combined reporting for all your vendors


per vendor per month (coming soon!)

  • Get detailed reports for all your vendors
  • Manage vendor details
  • Advanced management features
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Enterprise Solutions

Bring Porters core functionality directly into your app

  • RESTful API access
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Customized pricing
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